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Trio of Windows 窓の三重奏

吉村侑久代 (俳句によるコラボ)
African-Japanese Poets in Sympathy: Poetic Dialogue "Trio of Windows"
Ajei-Ajei-Bhaa, Maki Starfield, Ikuyo Yoshimura   
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Introduction to Trio of Windows
                                      Maki Starfield
     Windows, like doorways, connect us. They are the passageways in and out of our lives. Doorways frame the passage from inner to outer realities. They’re liminal spaces from which we either retreat into the privacy of our houses or reach out to the world. Open windows welcome the interaction of the world we experience as reality.
     As one of the big projects in my poetry association in Kyoto, JUNPA (, I consider this to be my mission. Before collaborating with the African poet Adjei Agyei-Baah, I worked with Gabriel Rosenstock, who is a great Irish poet as well as our common friend. He strongly recommended me to work with him too. I then thought it would widen my cultural horizon.

 私が所属する国際詩人協会 JUNPA(の大きなプロジェクトの一つに加わることは私の使命の1つだと考えています。アフリカ詩人アジェイ・アギイーバーと共著本を出す前に、共通の友人であるアイルランド詩人ガブリエル・ローゼンストックと俳句の共同プロジェクトを行いました。彼は彼と共著本を出すことを強く勧めました。それが文化の地平線を広げると思いました。

Adjei Agyei-Baah
where the fish leaps
a window in the sky

 the world
under one streetlight –


new home –
a kite hangs
among leaves

nature’s selfie
the sky watches itself
from a still lake


Adjei Agyei-Baah is a lecturer and translator at the University of Ghana School of Continuing and Distance Education, Kumasi Learning Center, and teaches English Language and Literature related courses. He is the co-founder of Africa Haiku Network and Poetry Foundation Ghana, and as well serves as the co-editor of The Mamba, Africa's first international haiku Journal. He is widely published and anthologized, won several international haiku awards and honors. Adjei is an author of three haiku book, Afriku (Red Moon Press, 2016), Ghana 21 (Mamba Africa Press, 2017), and Piece of My Fart (Mamba Africa Press, 2018) and looks forward to publishing his fourth haiku collection Tales of the Kite in 2019.
アジェイ・アギイーバーは、ガーナ大学生涯教育・遠隔教育学部クマシ教育センター講師であり、翻訳者である。英語・英文学コースで教鞭をとる。アフリカ俳句ネットワークとガーナ・ポエトリー財団の共同創設者であり、アフリカ初の国際俳句ジャーナル「マンバ」の共同編集者も務める。彼の作品はアンソロジーなど幅広く出版されており、いくつかの国際俳句賞などを獲得した。『Afriku』(Red Moon Press、2016年)『ガーナ21』(Mamba Africa Press、2017年)『Piece of My Fart』(Mamba Africa Press,、2018年) の句集を3冊出版しており、2019年には4冊目の句集『凧の物語(原題:"Tales of the Kite")』の出版を予定している。

Maki Starfield
  to the extent
of my presence
peeled an apple


I came to realize
I'm in the eye
of a typhoon

spiritual gates
flowering mustard field

sowing sunflower seeds
Gogh’s hands
have right mind


Maki Starfield was born in Ehime, 1972. She earned her Master of Arts from Sophia University, and then got the diploma of International business management (post graduate)with Honors from Niagara College and the certificate of TESOL from St.George International College in Canada. She began to make haiku in 2008, where she became recipient of a prize at the 12th annual Mainichi Haiku Contest. On February of 2012, she published a new collection, "Kiss the Dragon."
She has recently been performing as a painter as well as a poet. She participated in Design Festa Vol.40 in Tokyo Big Site in 2014 and recently contemporary art exhibitions. She won a prize at the contemporary art (kindaibijutsu) association's public recruitment exhibition in 2017 and 2018.
She is a member of Japan Universal Poets Association. She is also a regular member of Sokyu and Sawa in Japanese haiku associates.
Japanese-English Bilingual Books: "Duet of Dots" co-authored with Naran Matos in 2015, "Duet of Lines" with Luca Benassi in 2016, "Trio of Crystals" with Hélène Cardona and John FitzGerald in 2017. "Trio of Gardens" with Lidia Chiarelli and Huguette Bertrand."Duet of Fireflies" with Bill Wolak, "Duet of Doors" with Yesim Agaoglu, "Duet of Mists" with Dileep Jhaveri, and "Trio of Jade" with Xiao Xiao, Dumu Luofei,."Duet of Wings" with Willem M. Roggeman, "Duet of Islands" with Sarah Thilykou,"Duet of Faces" with Yiorgos Veis, and "Insuficiente Amor","Pas assez d'amour" ,"Dueto de Nieblas" ,and "Unidad" are published in Spain in 2018. Her poems have appeared in literary magazines in Italy, Greek, China, Republic of Azerbaijan and Romania and been translated into more than 10 languages.
Poetry Reading in Kyoto (2016, 2018)
JUNPA 5th Anniversary Commemorative International Poetry Festival (2017)

マキ・スターフィールド (日本)
3行詩人、俳人、翻訳家。2008年のときより俳句を独学で学び始める。上智大学大学院英米文学修士課程卒業およびカナダのナイアガラ大学国際ビジネス科大学院コース修了。2012年夏にはカナダのSt.George International CollegeでTESOLを取得。2011年夏にカナダから一時帰国し、アメリカの出版会社から出版デビュー。2012年2月に新句集『キス・ザ・ドラゴン』を自費出版でネット刊行。2012年6月、トロントのアートバーで季語にとらわれない新スタイル、3行詩を発表。現在日本に帰国し、独自の朗読会や3行ワークショップなどを行う。最近はイラスト画や絵画を描き始め、2014年デザインフェスタVol40(東京ビックサイト)に出展、2017年近代美術協会の春と秋の公募展に入選、2018年同協会の春公募展で奨励賞を受賞した。日本国際詩人協会会員。同人誌「蒼穹」同人会員、「澤」会員。

Ikuyo Yoshimura

POEM: The Window
All windows are open in every direction
Through the window I can see
Men, women, children, elderly people
And dogs, kittens, chickens, ducks
Even sheep and cows
Going out and into the mud wall
But that scene may have been my illusions
Every illusory scene I watch through the window
Is taken into my mind at the glance
Flapping in the wind
The window opens and closes
That scene mixes with the real one I’m watching now
Some purple aster flowers are swaying on my foot
In a cloud of dust


Ikuyo(Ikumi) Yoshimura, Ph.D.
She was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1944. Ikumi is her pseudonym. Poet, translator and researcher on R.H.Blyth and the world haiku. She graduated from Doshisha University and gained her M.A & Ph.D. from Aichigakuin University. She started to write poem in her college years and studied haiku under Kaneko Tohta(founder of KAITEI). She is a retired professor from university. She founded the writing English haiku group, EVERGREEN in 1987 and was president of The Poetry Society of Japan (2010-2012).
Coterie member of Kaigen(ex Kaitei) Haiku. Permanental contributor of SENEYU TO magazine. A contributor to Kaigen(ex-Kaitei)Haiku, Modern Haiku, and Simply Haiku. A member of Poetry Reading Circle of Tokyo(PRC-T). A member of poetry society KYO-EN.
Her publication includes Small Pictures (1966), At the Riverside (1990), Linked Poems by College Students (1955), Spring Thunder (1966),The Life of R.H.Blyth (1996), Cats in Love (2000), Desert Rose (2002), Internationalization of Japanese Short Poems (2002), Evergreen Haiku Anthology (2003), Waiting for a Breeze (2003), An Introduction to English Haiku For Japanese (2003), Halo Round the Moon (2004), elephant’s eyes (2009), white fish (2009), Drops of the Setting Sun (2009), paper plane (2012) and heat haze (2014) as well as articles on haiku and senryu in English such as Vietnam War Haiku Written by American Soldiers, Ainu poet, Iboshi Hokuto’s Haiku and Tanka and so on. Awarded a year prize of Historical Society of English Studies in Japan by The Study of The Achievement Reginald Horace Blyth, English –born Japanese Literature Scholar(2017).With Mr. Hirotaka Kawai, president of Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., she has been collaborating Kawai Photo-Haiku Calendar since 2003.    
1944年生まれ。京都市出身。伊紅美でも発表することがある。詩人、翻訳家、R.H.Blyth及びworld haiku研究。同志社大学文学部英文科卒業。愛知学院大学大学院文学研究科英語圏文化専攻博士課程単位取得退学。文学博士。元朝日大学教授。大学時代より詩作、俳句は『海程』の金子兜太に師事。英語俳句の会Evergreenを創設(1987)、現在に至る。元日本英詩協会会長。『海程』同人、東京英詩朗読会(PRC―T)会員。詩誌『饗宴』。著書『R・H・ブライスの生涯―禅と俳句を愛して』、共著『国際化した日本の短詩』、共著『日本人のための英語ハイク入門―HAIKUのすすめ』、
詩集『夕陽のしずく』など。論文「ベトナム戦争を詠むアメリカハイク」「アイヌの詩人違星北斗その短歌と俳句」「遣米使節団随行員、加藤素毛の旅人生」、「鎖国時代の外国人による日本語俳諧―長崎・出島阿蘭陀商館長、ヘンドリック・ズーフの俳諧を中心に」、「アメリカ禅ハイクの一系譜―R.H.BlythとJames W. Hackett―」など。著書『イギリス生まれの日本文学研究者R.H.ブライス研究―足跡と業績』で2017年度日本英学史学会賞受賞。『川柳塔』に「世界の俳句・川柳」を執筆中。2003年より河合楽器製作所社長、河合弘隆氏とKawai Photo-Haikuカレンダーを合同製作。

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