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Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2018

"Western-Eastern Poets in Sympathy"
Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2018

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Organized by Japan Universal Poets Association
Supported by Kansai Poets Association, Contemporary Kyoto Poets Association,
 February 17, 2018 (Sat.) 
Kyoto International Communuty House, Annex 14:00-16:30

in Kyoto 2018

とき:2018年2月17日(土) 14:00-16:30
Admission fee: 1500 yen

Opening Speech by Takashi Arima (Founder of JUNPA)
開会あいさつ 有馬敲(日本国際詩人協会理事・設立者)

Welcome Speech by Mika Yamada (Lady Governor, Honorary member)
ウエルカムスピーチ 山田美嘉名誉会員(京都府知事夫人)

Poetry Reading

“Duet of Drops” by Armenuhi Sisyan
『雫の二重奏』より アルメヌイ・シスヤン

 Imagery BirdMÅNGATA  from “Duet of Drops” by Chiaki Hamada
『雫の二重奏』より「道化の鳥」「MÅNGATA (月の路)」浜田千秋


Snows Thought  from “Duet of Snow” by Kikumi Shimoda  
『雪の二重奏』より「雪の思いは」 下田喜久美

We were not born for days like these
From “Duet of Keys” by Taeko Uemura

The Heart of the Four Seasons & Small birds
 from “Trio of Crystals” by Maki Starfield

Your Words  from“Duet of Azure” by Yui Tsukasa
『青の二重奏』より「あなたのコトバ」司 由衣



Poetry Reading


Teruteru-bouzu from Duet of Happiness” by koizumisya/Minami
『幸の二重奏』より「てるてる坊主」 小湖舎/みなみ
Statue  from“Duet of Happiness” by koizumisya/Minami
『幸の二重奏』より「彫像」 小湖舎/伸行

Ninja Lizard No.10 from “Ninja” by Yoshikazu Takenishi
『忍者』より「蜥蜴」 武西良和


Poisonous Solitude from “Willful Love” by Hitoshi Namino
『未必の恋』より「ko-毒」  波野 仁

日本文化紹介 十二単着付けデモンストレーション

Elegy Genji by Sumako Fukao
「源氏悲曲」(深尾須磨子)  朗読:稲葉妙恵

Demonstration “How to dress up Juni-hitoe?” 


Diary by Yoshimasa Kanou

A Floral Path Retracing Memory by Yuka Akizuki


Washing their face with moon dews by Noriko Nagaoka
「月の雫で 顔を洗う」長岡紀子
Lotus by Mariko Sumikura
「涙のワジ」 すみくらまりこ&アルメヌイ・シスヤン


16:30    閉会 上村多恵子理事



Armenuhi Sisyan
Armenuhi Sisyan was born in Yerevan. She is a professor of Armenian language at Yerevan State Medical University. She writes prose and poetry. Some of her short stories and poems are included in different anthologies of modern poetry and fiction. Her works are translated into Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Persian, Albanian and Japanese languages. In 2012 one of her stories ’’The Handbag’’ was awarded among the best stories of the year. In 2013 April her book “Hey, Noah!” was the 2-nd among 10 bestsellers in Armenia. Member of Writers’ Union of Armenia since 2007, author of 8 books:
· “A Handful of Light”, 2006, Yerevan
· “Harahos” - 2007, Yerevan
· “Hey, Noah!” 2012, Yerevan
· ”The Blomy Paths” , 2013, Yerevan
· “Longing for 1000 Years”, 2015, Yerevan 
· “Back to the Sky”, 2016, Yerevan
· “Duet of Fountain”, 2014, Kyoto
· “Duet of Drops”, 2018, Kyoto
In 2012 she received a grant of spending 2 months in Vienna where she was invited by Kulturkontakt Austria competition program.
In 2013 she took part in ''Genova International Poetry Festival'' (Italy).
In 2013 she participated in “Writers in Residence” program in Switzerland where she conducted literary readings (Geneva and Lavigny).
In 2018 she patricipates in “Poetry Reading in Kyoto 2018” organized by Japan Universal Poets Association.

リストの六冊の著書がある。詩は英語で発表され2011年「アルメニア詩人選集」に掲載され、2012年「現代アルメニア小説集」に掲載、英語からアルメニア語に翻訳した「世界文学」で発表された。2012年、スカラシップを受け二ヶ月ウィーンに滞在・2013年アルメニアからイタリアのジェノヴァ詩祭に招待参加。2013年8月スイスで詩を朗読。2018年2月ポエトリーリーディング in Kyoto 2018で詩を朗読。JUNPA BOOKS
· “A Handful of Light”, 2006, Yerevan
· “Harahos” - 2007, Yerevan
· “Hey, Noah!” 2012, Yerevan
· ”The Bloomy Paths” , 2013, Yerevan
· ''Longing for 1000 Years'', 2015, Yerevan 
· ‘’Back to the Sky’’, 2016,Yerevan