Welcome to JUNPA, join us! - Poetry Festival in Kyoto 2016
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Poetry Festival in Kyoto 2016
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-Granted by
 the Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund-

JUNPA 5th Anniversary Commemorative 
International Poetry Festival

 February 12, 2017(Sunday) - February 14, 2017(Tuesday)
Organized by Japan Universal Poets Association

Special Supported by 
KANSAI OSAKA 21 Century Association
Agency of Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan

Special Financial Support by

Supported by 
Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City
Ireland Embassy in Tokyo
Isutituto Di Cultuto-Osaka
La Casa Della Poesia Di Como
Kansai Poets Association, Kyoto Contemporary Poets Association
Japan Narrators Association, Otsu International Goodwill Association
Kyoto Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Kyoto Association Coorporate Excecutives

Sponsored by
Suntory Holdings Limited
The Bank of Kyoto
GANKO Food Service Co., Ltd.
Kyonan Soko Co., Ltd.

Feb.12, 2017 (Sun.)

13:30   Eastern-Western Poets in Sympathy: Poetic Dialogue
                  "Duet Series" Poetry Recital in Otsu

17:30   Eastern-Western Poets in Sympathy: Poetic Dialogue
                  "Duet Series" Poetry Recital 
                  (Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel)

Feb. 13, 2017 (Mon.)

17:00 Eastern-Western Poets in Sympathy: Poetic Dialogue
  "Duet Series" Poetry Recital in Osaka
                   (Istituto Italiano Di Cultura- Osaka)


Feb. 14, 2017 (Tue.)

14:00     Kyoto International Poetry Festival in Kyoto
        (ROHM Theatre Kyoto, North Hall)

17:00          Farewel Party 
  (Japanese Restaurant, Ganko Takasegawa Nijo-en)

Participants List  (Estimated at Nov21, 2016) 

Reading Poems Anthology  Download
Celebration messages  Download

Dante Maffia* (Italy)

co-authored with Takashi Arima

Co-founder of JUNPA with Takashi Arima

co-authored with Takashi Arima

"Dewdrops" 100 haiku poems.

Gabriel Rosenstock* (Ireland) 

co-authored with
Tatsuo Murata

co-authored with Mariko Sumikura

Laura Garavaglia* (Italy) 

"Duet of Stars" co-authored with
Kikumi Shimoda

"Duet of Formula" co-authored with
Mariko Sumikura

Hughes Labrusse* (France) 

"Duet of Seas" co-authored with Akira Asuka

VIDEO reading by Takashi Arima

Co-founder of JUNPA with Germain Droogenbroodt

"Duet of Time" with Germain Droogenbroodt
"Duet of Existence" with Dante Maffia

Honorary Adviser to Ama-Hashi
Vice president of Japan Translators Association

with Gabriel Rosenstock

Chair of Director's Board of JUNPA
Chief of Editorial Team "Ama-Hashi"
"Duet of Flowers" with Hanane Aad
"Duet of Silk" with Michail Sinelnikov
"Duet of Formula" with Laura Garavaglia
"Duet of Forest" with Gabriel Rosenstock

Director of JUNPA
Chair of JUNPA 5th anniversary commemorative poetry festival.

"Duet of Wind" with Marius Cheralu
the first book of Duet series
"Duet of Life"with Donatella Bisutti
"Duet of Animals" with Hélène Cardona

Member of JUNPA
Director of "Kin no Ami" project
"Duet of Stars" with Laura Garavaglia
"Duet of Snow" with Pia Tafdrup

Member of JUNPA
Awarded Struga Bridge Prize
Awarded JUNPA fresh poet prize 2011

Yoshimasa Kanou 

Member of JUNPA
Awarded JUNPA fresh poet prize 2012
 Comment is here 
"Duet of Dreams" with Clelia Ifrim

Chiaki Hamada

Member of JUNPA
Awarded JUNPA fresh poet prize 2013

"Duet of Souls" with Anabel Villar
"Duet of Flame"with Muesser Yeniay

Yui Tsukasa 

Member of JUNPA
Representative of Kyoto Contemporary Poets

"Duet of Azure" with Bujar Pllochtani

Program B

Maki Starfield

Member of JUNPA

"Duet of Dots" with Narlan Matos
"Duet of Lines" with Luca Benassi

Yoshikazu Takenishi

Member of JUNPA

Chiyo Kitahara

Member of JUNPA
"Duet of Water" with Donatella Bisutti (planned)


Akemi Tsuji

Myokei Inaba

Member of JUNPA
Director of Japan Narrators Association

Taro Kishimoto

Member of JUNPA

Yoko Kumazawa

Member of JUNPA